Lewicki Custom Guitars

Adam Lewicki


As far as I remember, I have always been interested in music. At the age of 14 I bought my first guitar and installed a piezoelectric pickup in it. Since then, my life has been strongly tied up with these exceptional instruments. I started making them professionally in 1998. At the beginning, these were only bass guitars, but over time I felt real passion for building electric guitars and servicing them.


As one of few instruments, the electric guitar offers an almost unlimited range of sounds. Thanks to direct contact with strings it becomes a very personal means of expression. It reacts to the slightest subtleties of articulation, which makes it possible to transmit even the most delicate emotions onto the strings. That is why it has seemed so amazing for me for so many years...


I keep developing my skills and always strive for perfection. I take the utmost pleasure in watching a guitarist playing on an instrument that has been meticulously made and/or thoroughly serviced. I make every effort so that the customer who takes the guitar from my hands can be pleased and fully satisfied.

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