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Double bass

The double bass has always been exceptional for me. Its deep, full sound, shape, large size have evoked my admiration. The thought of constructing this grand instrument had accompanied me for years.

An opportunity emerged during long talks with Jacek Mazurkiewicz - an experimenting musician who used a traditional double bass. However, his adventurous nature increasingly pushed him to start using an electronic instrument. He had always had a strong desire for development. Looking for new sounds, he made a decision to construct an electric double bass. Thus, after detailed arrangements had been made, such an instrument was created. The original parameters were completely reproduced so as to ensure comfortable use and flexible adaptation from playing a regular double bass to an electric one. Compact construction, a solid body made of one piece of mahogany wood, the material for the neck seasoned for 7 years and a thick ebony fingerboard resulted in very good sound. The tone is even. Low registers are deep, settled, yet very clear.


FingerboardEbony (Heban)
Scale length1085mm
NeckMaple (Klon)

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